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Big N Funky Merchandise

Products from the motion picture:

"The Hike"

Baby, I'm Baltimore Badd T-Shirt

From the final showdown in the horror comedy "The Hike": This shirt immortalizes Vinnie's infamous line to Robin before their climatic battle between good and evil. Show your Baltimorean pride with this shirt... no matter where you are: on the city streets, in the woods, on another planet, let people know: "Baby, I'm Baltimore Badd".
Logo by Greta Vineyard

The Moron Skunk T-Shirt

Have you ever felt like ole Forest Ranger Billy? Anytime you see a skunk, you just gotta call it a moron? Well, we at Big N Funky Productions feel ya. And by purchasing a shirt, you don't have to act out on secret violent compulsions, just express your hatred the old passive aggressive way: Cute T-Shirts!!!
Logo by JD Walker