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Wrestling With Ghosts
It Happened To Me...
Haunted Graves
Big N Funky Present

Big N Funky Productions currently is producing four TV series for ASY TV, makes music videos, comedy videos, commericals, movies and beyond. Here is a selection of what is either out or what you can expect in the future.

Paranormal TV Show, ComedyTV Series on ASY-TV Wrestling With Ghosts is filming its third season in 2020. It's been called the "ghost show with soul". These pro wrestler/comedian/musicians use unorthodox means to capture amazing paranormal evidence while enetertaining the audience during the lulls.
Ghost StoriesTV Series on ASY-TV It Happened to Me... is a stylized take on classic ghost telling, where real viewers submit videos of themselves telling a ghost story, and Big N Funky Productions edit the footage and make a TV show.
Paranormal Show- CemeteriesTV Series on ASY-TV Haunted Graves features Rock N Roller Kandi Thompson and Pro Wrestler Travis Graves (El Gordo Gringo) as they investigate the legends surrounding the cemeteries and graveyards of the southeast and eastern seaboard.
B Movie Puppet ShowTV Series on ASY-TV Big N Funky Present: The cast of Wrestling With Ghosts are somehow turned into paper dolls and try to get you to watch really bad B movies as they solve or screw up some dumb caper.
Horror MovieTBD The Hike: A charismatic couple gets lost in the woods as predators, possibly real or imagined, created havoc until a final climatic battle of good vs. evil transpires.