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Big N Funky Present


Big N Funky Productions currently is producing four TV series for ASY TV, makes music videos, comedy videos, commericals, movies and beyond. Here is a selection of what is either out or what you can expect in the future.

Horror MovieTBD The Hike: A charismatic couple gets lost in the woods as predators, possibly real or imagined, create havoc until a final climatic battle of good vs. evil transpires.
Horror MovieTBD Webb Creek: A mysterious virus has overtaken the secluded mountain town of Webb Creek. With no help from the outside world, the town has to do battle with the greatest threat their community has ever faced: themselves.
Paranormal TV Show, ComedyTV Series on ASY-TV Wrestling With Ghosts is filming its third season in 2020. It's been called the "ghost show with soul". These pro wrestler/comedian/musicians use unorthodox means to capture amazing paranormal evidence while enetertaining the audience during the lulls.
Ghost StoriesTV Series on ASY-TV It Happened to Me... is a stylized take on classic ghost telling, where real viewers submit videos of themselves telling a ghost story, and Big N Funky Productions edit the footage and make a TV show.
Paranormal Show- CemeteriesTV Series on ASY-TV Haunted Graves features Rock N Roller Kandi Thompson and Pro Wrestler Travis Graves (El Gordo Gringo) as they investigate the legends surrounding the cemeteries and graveyards of the southeast and eastern seaboard.
B Movie Puppet ShowTV Series on ASY-TV Big N Funky Present: The cast of Wrestling With Ghosts are somehow turned into paper dolls and try to get you to watch really bad B movies as they solve or screw up some dumb caper.