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Big N Funky Productions

A Brief Introduction

Big N Funky Productions is an independent full service production company based in East Tennessee. Our mission is to entertain, produce out of the box programs, and give a platform, guidance, and opportunityto other aspiring show makers. Concentrating on TV shows, web series, podcasts, music videos, video skits, and short films, we will soon be testing the waters of feature films and Network programming. Founding members include "Funkmaster V" Vinnie Vineyard, who has a background in music, comedy, pro wrestling, network television, and production; (Big) Luke Walker, a professional in music, pro wrestling, acting, and production; and Travis (Se)Graves, who has experience in pro wrestling, camera work, and production assistance.

Big N Funky Productions is happy to announce that in 2020, we have aquired all new filming equipment for future projects, including our first feature length film, to keep up with evolving technology!!! Lighting equipment, sound, and 4k 60fps HD cameras are a necessity in today's independent producing. We have always prided ourselves on our asset management and low producction entertainment abilities (making more with less), but you can't be 720 in a 4k world. This will help boost the feel and look of all of our future projects to give a more professional appearance. Look for a more polished new look from the Team!!!