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#1 The Hike
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The Smoky Mountain Chronicles Promo


"The Hike" & "WJHC AM"

Big N Funky Productions is currently working on Six Horror/ Comedy "Fables" entitled The Smoky Mountain Chronicles. The movies, located in our Appalachian mountains, feature anthropomorphic legends and southern mythology complete with comedy, horror, mystery, action and "moral to the story" moments. Most films are based on true events or legends and myths people believe in. "The Hike" has been finished, and the crew is now working on "WJHC AM" and "Camp Smoky".

Run From the Forest. Run.Bryson City, NCJune, 2021Amazon PrimeA charismatic couple finds evidence of foul play, boorish strangers, and a Native American legend in the woods that leads to a climatic battle between good and evil.
Keeping Good Folks Joyful Until the End of Days.La Follette, TNMay 2022Bluray and DVD on Amazon A smart ass DJ can only get a job at an old Southern Gospel Radio station, and his first night shift happens during Y2K AND the return of Christ. Literally, all hell breaks loose.
Survival is Horror.Bristol, VAWinter 2022TBD A 13 year old boy is chased out of Camp Smokey by a group of demonic beings. Never rescued, the boy grows up to be a man in the forest, and survives solely by hiding, running, and killing the demons that are trying to take over the planet.
TBDOak Ridge, TN2023TBD Four filmmakers are forced to comply with a movie executive's ridiculous demands to create a blockbuster or else.
TBDUnicoi County, TN2023TBD A man has a psychotic break and forms unnatural bonds with his pet rabbits as he terrorizes a community from his remote cabin in the mountains.
TBDPittman Center, TN2024TBD A mysterious virus has overtaken the secluded mountain town of Webb Creek. With no help from the outside world, the town has to do battle with the greatest threat their community has ever faced: themselves.

The Hike has some Gloss already:

"The Hike" and "WJHC AM" Broadcast Rights
And "Wrestling WIth Ghosts"

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"The Hike" Physical and "WJHC AM"

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