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Wrestling With Ghosts

A paranormal investigator loses his team to an alleged demonic possession and subsequent fist fight, and hires 3 smart-aleck pro wrestlers as protection on future haunts.

A paranormal television show, the likes of which have never been seen is born.

"Wrestling With Ghosts" is definitely the funniest paranormal TV show ever, but over time, the team develops a technique they call "The Charge" that helps them capture some of the most unique evidence in paranormal television history. Ghost TV is about to get Funky.

"Wrestling With Ghosts" was created by Big N Funky Productions for ASY TV. Copyright 2017.

Wrestling With Ghosts ASY TV
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Meet the Team
Big Luke WalkerChicago, ILL

Finishing Move:
Chicago Sunroof
Executive Producer, Head Writer, Tech, Cameraman, On-Screen Talent

The 7 ft. giant, Big Luke Walker started Smart Paranormal in 2008 to debunk local ghost tours that made up goofy stories to scare patrons and stay in business. Big Luke is an ex-cop, and he uses his experiences to look at cases and evidence with heavy skepticism. Luke was technically a "non-believer", but was offically swayed during season one's episode "Going Postal" after constant paranormal harassment. Big Luke has ASD, a form of autism. He claims this helped him shield off an evil presence in Episode 6, "The Rabbitman Cometh".
Funkmaster VFunk City 2049
Baltimore, MD

Signature Moves:
Funky Figure Four,
The Funky Armadillo,
The Baltimore Blowfish,
Your Mom
Director, Editor, Sales, Production, Marketing, Webmaster, Cameraman, On-Screen Talent

Funkmaster V is a born entertainer... touring bass-slapper, pro wrestler, actor, comedian, radio show host, etc. Plus, he has had over 40 vocations, and he uses this varied life experience to debunk evidence with a pragmatic process. He's had history with the mystical and deals with nefarious forces with his religious background and a healthy dose of the FUNK. Luke and Funkmaster V are tag team partners, friends, and comedy writers. Funk enjoys watching his friend Luke succumb to the uncanny events that seem to befall him.
Travis GravesWest Palm Beach, FL

Finishing Move:
The Grave Effect
Cameraman, Location Scout, On-Screen Talent

Travis is also a professional wrestler, but some seem to think that he takes on a hidden identity in the sport. Other than his mysterious presence in the ring, young Travis is the most polite and affable on the team. Big Luke and Funky are taking him under their wing, teaching him life lessons, and Travis has recently performed extremely well in other Big N Funky produced comedic endeavors. Travis has had previous experience with the paranormal... but for the time being, he insists on that night remaining a mystery as well.
Kandi ThompsonTabor City, NC

Location Scout, On-Screen Talent

Kandi Thompson is the newest member of the team. Growing up in church, she has honed her vocal skills singing with choirs and quartets and now is a powerful voice in the realm of da rock-n-rolla. Like the fellas in Wrestling With Ghosts, she is a consummate entertainer and a staunch believer in the paranormal. She considers herself a sensitive, and has helped her team mates identify possible locations for spirits, emotions, energies and pickle flavored gas station meats. Yeah, she can be pretty gross.

Wrestling With Ghosts Season Three Trailer

"Wrestling With Ghosts"

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