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Wrestling With Ghosts
Wrestling With Ghosts

A paranormal investigator loses his team to an alleged demonic possession and subsequent fist fight, and hires 3 smart-aleck pro wrestlers as protection.

A paranormal television show like no other rises from the ashes.

"Wrestling With Ghosts" is definitely the funniest paranormal TV show ever, but over time, the team develops a technique that they think helps them capture some of the most unique evidence in paranormal television history. Ghost TV is about to get Funky.

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Meet the Team

Big Luke WalkerChicago, ILL

Finishing Move:
Chicago Sunroof
Executive Producer, Head Writer, Tech, Cameraman, On-Screen Talent

Big Luke Walker started Smart Paranormal in 2008 to debunk local ghost tours that made up goofy stories to scare patrons and stay in business. Big Luke is an ex-cop, and he uses his experiences to look at cases and evidence with heavy skepticism. Luke is technically a "non-believer", but the evidence captured shooting season one has started to sway his lack of faith in the paranormal. Big Luke has ASD, a form of autism. He claims this helped him shield off an evil presence in Episode 6, "The Rabbitman Cometh".
Funkmaster VFunk City 2049
Baltimore, MD

Signature Moves:
Funky Figure Four,
The Funky Armadillo,
The Baltimore Blowfish,
Your Mom
Director, Editor, Sales, Production, Marketing, Webmaster, Cameraman, On-Screen Talent

Funkmaster V has had over 40 vocations, and he uses his life experience to debunk evidence, and deal with the entities he encounters with a pragmatic process. He's had history with the mystical and unknown. He deals with nefarious forces with his religious background and a healthy dose of the FUNK. Luke and Funkmaster V are tag team partners, friends, and comedy writers. Funk enjoys watching his friend Luke succumb to the uncanny events that seem to befall him.
Travis GravesWest Palm Beach, FL

Finishing Move:
The Grave Effect
Cameraman, Location Scout, On-Screen Talent

Travis is also a professional wrestler, but some seem to think that he has a hidden identity in the sport. Other than his mysterious presence in the sport of kings, young Travis is the most polite and affable of the team. Big Luke and Funky are taking him under their wing, and Travis has recently performed extremely well in other Big N Funky produced comedic endeavors. Travis has also had previous experience with the paranormal... but for the time being that remains a mystery as well.

Episode One- "I Used to Be a Cop"
Greenbrier Restaurant/ Sensabaugh Tunnel

This first episode features the Greenbrier Restaurant in Gatlinburg Tennessee, where the spirit of a love sick, tragic young bride resides and decides to flirt back with Funkmaster V. Also: Sensabaugh Tunnel

Episode Two- "Chiroptera Surgit"
Hidden North Carolina Ghost Town

In one of the creepier episodes of season one, the team struggles to find a secret location. When they finally find the "Ghost Town", it seems to be filled with spirits that continually urge the team to leave, either by intimidation, physical attacks or trickery.

Episode Three- "Wee-Ji Want the Funk"
Merrydeath Antiques/ Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

The team travels to the seemingly cursed, La Follette, Tennessee. They investigate the eclectic Merrydeath Antiques, which is filled with cool collectibles, unique junk, and stories of ghosts. This episode features some of the most memorable evidence of the series, where the unknown entities joke back with the team, leave unnerving evidence, and a presumed sad, young spirit reaches out for affection. Also: Lucy on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

Episode Four- "Going Postal"
Old Lafollette Post Office/ Kentucky Meth Mouth House

The team is at paranormal hotspot Lafollette, Tennessee's most haunted building: The Old Lafollette Post Office. The gang runs into the first poltergeist of the season. First, the females are targeted... then the "biggest" skeptic of them all is... The giant, Big Luke Walker. The "spirits" quickly convert him into a true believer. ALSO: The team tries to help a Kentucky family terrorized by their own poltergeist.

Episode Five- "The Giant That Saved Gatlinburg"
Pittman Center Covered Bridge/ Mysterious Manison
Emert's Cove Cemetary/ Gatlinburg Fires

This episode is the team's love letter to the city of Gatlinburg. They investigate the Pittman Center bridge, the Mysterious Mansion, and a paranormal milk myth at the Emert's Cove cemetery. Then, when tragedy strikes Gatlinburg, the Giant of the team goes into action, trying to save the town.

Episode Six- "The Rabbitman Cometh"
Rabbitman House

In the season finale of season one of Wrestling With Ghosts, Big Luke and Funkmaster V meet up with Dalton Stout to reinvestigate the remote Rabbitman House… A place that Justin Richards could not return to. The guys run into "negative spirits" that start to oppress certain members of the group, and the normally fun loving team has to switch into survival mode against each other.